Company ”Termoproces” was founded 1986. in Belgrade, Serbia.

Core Business of “Termoproces” includes heat treatment of welded joints and production of heat treatment units and equipment.

Mobile heat treatment units and industrial furnaces allow heat treatment on site and on a location of a customer.

From the beginning our main concern was development of production and service capacities, human resources (most important resources) as guarantee for quality of products and services.

For the past 25 years company “Termoproces” has cooperated with more than 70 domestic and foreign companies from south and west Europe, acquiring huge experience on heat treatment works.

Today, ”Termoproces” possesses production hall of 800 m² which accommodates company management, service and production sections, equipped with all contemporary equipment for production, service, control and calibration of heat treatment units, equipment and electro-resistant heat treatment processes. Together with development of production and service capacities, company has invested in training and development of human resources, by transferring acquired knowledge and skills. According to that, company is able to respond in short term to any client demand, in the country and worldwide.

Production program is based on a production of heat treatment units with contemporary technical solutions allowing programmable processes control.

Company continuously follows technical trends and finds out new technical solutions for heat treatment units in order to improve heat treatment processes and quality of performed works.

In accordance to its experience in field of heat treatment, company ”Termoproces” published in 1999 professional publication: ”Heat treatment in welding”.

In order to improve quality of products and services, company implemented two standards in 2010, quality management system ISO 9001 and standard AD Merkblatt 2000.

Company’s main goal in the future is to continuously increase quality of products and services, implement new technical solutions and to expand business worldwide.